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Custom Design Jewellery is more than just a transaction for us at Gem Jewellers.  We understand that EVERY single piece of custom designed jewellery is 100% unique and YOUR creation.  How do we allow for our customers to “create” their own jewellery when WE ARE the jewellery store??????

Well…. Roland Badke, second generation owner of Gem Jewellers and certified Gemologist and Goldsmith has over 35 years of custom jewellery design experience.  Dedicated to perfection and customer satisfaction, Roland provides honesty and integrity in EVERY single piece of jewellery he designs!Custom Design Jewellery  Over the many years of schooling and real-world experience, Roland has worked HAND IN HAND with our customers to develop a meticulous and easy to follow process where the customer can direct the design of their jewellery.  Working alongside with Roland at all times, you will never feel left out of the design process!!

We use constant communication and due diligence to allow our clients to be the leader in the design process.  Questions are encouraged, and we will always explain everything with 100% transparency.  We know that this process, as well as the piece of jewellery may have extreme emotional, physical, historical and/or spiritual value and we are dedicated to providing a positive buying experience, as well as creating an exquisite, high quality masterpiece that you are 100% satisfied with!!! 

We take great pride in being able to provide not only the highest standards in quality and craftsmanship, but also the use of cutting edge computer software in which to create your EXACT one of a kind masterpiece.  Perfection and customer satisfaction isn’t the only reason to choose Gem Jewellers…..


CAD Computer Aided Drawing Jewellery

Gem Jewellers’ Custom Design Process – Step By Step

Step 1 – Initial Consultation

Whether you have a vision in your mind or a mix of photos you like, Roland will sit down with you in an initial consultation and brainstorm all the possibilities that could work for your vision.  This is where we will get an initial idea of what it is you want.  With hundreds and hundreds of custom design pieces designed by Roland and adored by customers, he will provide a sense of direction and a wealth of knowledge in all things Jewellery.  Style, theme, costs, materials, sizes, trends, etc!  Once you and Roland are able to sufficiently get a grasp on what it is you want, you will give him the go-ahead to make a high definition Image as well as a state of the art High Definition 3 Dimensional Video that allows for viewing at all angles, with various reflective perspectives and properties.



Step 2 – Second Consultation – Review Image And High Definition 3-D Video + Detailed Quote

On your second consultation you will be given an Image and a Video of your prospective CAD Computer Aided Drawing Jewellery piece of jewellery, as well as detailed quote.  This quote is broken down to explain each aspect of the design process.  This allows for our clients to stay informed and understand exactly what their money is getting them.     With a specified breakdown of costs, you as a customer can increase or decrease the cost of certain aspects of your design to fit your budget.   For example, maybe you are under budget and want a bigger diamond, maybe you are over your budget and you would now like to use 14kt gold instead of 18kt gold to save some money.  Whatever your reasons, we will always keep you informed with 100% transparency to what YOUR money is buying YOU.  You and Roland will then discuss ANY and ALL corrections, modifications, or changes that you would like.  This is by no means final AT ALL!!  We want to create the perfect piece of jewellery for you, and we understand for that to happen we might require some alterations to be made along the way.  It has always been our philosophy that instead of trying to push clients through our doors as fast as possible we believe that developing trusted long-term relationships with our clients is KEY.  We are focused on making sure you get EXACTLY what you want, and we will stop at nothing to ensure you’re the utmost satisfaction.   

Step 3 – Approval To Initiate Creation

Once you have been guided through all aspects of your design and quote by Roland, you will provide us with approval to manufacture your personal masterpiece.  When and ONLY when you give us approval and provide a deposit, will we start the creation of your Jewellery.  We will never start a project without your full approval.

CAD Computer Aided Drawing Jewellery Custom Design Jewellery  

Finished Product – What Will You Receive

With Every Custom Creation You Will Receive:

1)  Your 1 Of Kind Piece of Art
2)  Decorative Gem Jewellers Gift-box
3)  Complimentary Gift Wrapping
4)  Free Detailed Appraisal With Photograph – ($49.99 value)
– Digital Copy On Request
5)  Free Personal Container of Jewellery Cleaner – ($9.95 Value)

CAD Computer Aided Drawing Jewellery


In this day and age there are so many resources to connect and efficiently communicate when separated by long distances.  Due to these advances we have been able to provide a simple and concise experience easily accessible to our clients no matter your physical location.  We now provide long distance consultations as well as on going communication when required.  When you cannot feasibly come into our storefront we are willing to schedule a meeting that works for both of us!  Although we are familiar with using Skype, email and phone contact, we are now proud to add ANYDESK into our custom design process.  ANYDESK is a program that allows for you the customer to use your computer (at any location in the world) to view our computer screen here at Gem Jewellers!!  The best part, is that you can also use YOUR mouse and keyboard to point, direct, communicate anything at any time on our computer screen.  Paired with voice communication, IT IS AS IF YOU WERE HERE IN PERSON POINTING AT THE SCREEN WHENEVER YOU HAVE QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS.  IS ANYDESK SECURE?? ANYDESK uses TLS1.2 based encryption = which is what is currently used in online banking to secure crypto verification on both ends!! We cannot access or use anything on your computer at any time.  It is 100% safe for both of us and there are no transfer of files, registration or fees FOR YOU.  All you have to do is download the ANYDESK App In your internet browser, then enter the codes we provide you.  You will now be able to work in tandem with Roland as if you were right beside him.  It is that simple!!!!!

Custom Design Costs

  • The first consultation – (“Step 1” – BY APPOINTMENT ONLY) is FREE.
  • CAD – Computer Aided Design Image And 3D Video – Cost is extremely dependent on complexity.  This process takes up to 10 hours per piece of Jewellery for Roland to complete.  This ENSURES that your finished product is exactly what you agree on prior to creation. 
  • Quote is FREE of charge
  • Once you are ready to proceed with creation (Step – 3) we require a 50% deposit to initiate the manufacturing process.  The deposit can be made by e- Transfer or paid in person at our Squamish location with the following:
    Cash, Debit, Visa or MasterCard. 
  • Final payment is made when you pick up your item or prior to shipping.


Completed Custom Design Images

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Completed Custom Design Videos

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