From start to finish, Roland helped me to create my beautiful new wedding band.  After 25 years of wearing my yellow gold band, I thought I would like to change to a more contemporary white gold setting – so glad I did!  I love it!  Thank-you Roland.

L. Jones

Living in Squamish, there aren’t a lot of jewellery store options.  In fact, there is exactly one.   Fortunately, it’s Gem Jewellers!

I first met Roland when I was looking to get a custom-made engagement ring for my then-girlfriend.  I had my grandma’s very nice diamond that we wanted to design her ring around.  I knew my fiancee-to-be had some very particular requests when it came to her ring and setting and Roland was absolutely amazing at holding our hands through the design process.

He talked through everything with us, every step of the way, thoroughly explaining the design process and what would happen at each point.  Before any cuts were made, we received 3D renderings of exactly how the final product would look.  Roland was very informative and had lots of helpful suggestions as to what would or wouldn’t look good, all while listening to our guidelines for what we wanted the ring to be.

Every step of the process was seamless.  The ring was created as promised and delivered on time.  It was even more stunning in person than we hoped it would be, and, without exaggeration, my wife tells me almost every day how much she loves her ring!

I wanted a custom wedding band myself, not something off the shelf.  After seeing what Roland did with my wife’s ring, there was no question that he wouldn’t be designing my band, too.  I brought in a bunch of pictures of rings I’d found that I liked.  We took some design features from a few and came up with the perfect ring for me.

Can’t say enough good things about Roland and the team at Gem Jewellers.  Yes, Squamish is a small town and you wouldn’t necessarily think a great jewellery store would be found there, but you’d be absolutely wrong.  I would stack Roland and Gem Jewellers up against any of the “big guys” from Vancouver in a heartbeat.  We priced things out in Vancouver and Roland created us better rings for less money.  He’s very passionate about what he does and, especially if you’re looking for a custom piece, I’d definitely recommend talking to Roland first.

Thanks, Gem Jewellers, for creating two amazing rings.  We tell everyone about the great service we got and will definitely continue to send people your way.  Great work!

Rob F.

Over the past 12-15 years I have dealt solely with Gem Jewellers in Squamish.  Roland Badke, the owner, has designed rings for me, designed special locking mechanisms for tennis bracelets I did not want to lose, and has provided me with detailed appraisals for insurance purposes.  His workmanship is exquisite!!

Roland and his staff know the true meaning of the words “Customer Service”.  I once bought my dad a ring for his 80th birthday and they made sure it arrived at his residence in the United States on time for his birthday.

Gem Jewellers is all about building long term customer relationships through trust, quality workmanship, and ensuring their customers walk out their door happy.  I have never been disappointed.

I’ve since moved away from Squamish, but I continue to deal with Gem Jewellers and they do their utmost to accommodate me in a timely manner.

Judy M.

Roland, thank you so much for the amazing work and for all the help from you and the other individuals at Gem Jewellers.  This was a great experience and I will definitely be recommending you to all of my friends.

Nikki G.

I love Gem Jewellers and all the people who work there!

Carol M.

Sieg and I have the most beautiful wedding rings because of Gem Jewellers.

Lynda C.