1970 001Gem Jewellers is a family jewellery business, now run by Roland and Susan Badke, which has been in operation for over 51 years!  It was started by Roland’s parents, Alex and Doreen Badke, in North Vancouver, where Gem Jewellers operated successfully for 28 years in Capilano Mall and then moved to Squamish for another 24 years. 

Roland’s dad and uncle were both German-trained watchmakers who trained Roland in many of their skills. Roland literally grew up in the store, having worked there from the time he was a child until today, which means he’s worked full-time for Gem Jewellers for 40 years.

Roland Badke, G.G., F.C.Gm.A (Graduated Goldsmith and Fellow of the Canadian Gemmological Association) is a certified Goldsmith, which requires the completion of a four-year program, as well as a Canadian Gemmologist, which requires two more years of schooling.

The Canadian Gemmological Association has one of the highest calibers of grading and education standards in the world, with only Britain having stricter qualification than Canada, worldwide.   You can check out some links to the CGA and other helpful bodies on our resources page. 


Our retail store is now fully closed, but we are more than happy to create custom design jewellery for you.  We can arrange to meet and discuss ideas or we can have all of our discussions digitally as well.  Even though our retail store is closed we are continuing to offer excellent quality and pricing on all your custom made jewellery needs. 

Custom Design JewelleryGem Jewellers strictly adheres to the Canadian Jewellers Association (CJA) Code of Ethics in all of our practices. As a Canadian gemmologist, Roland is bound by the professional rules governing the appraisal, purchase, and sales of diamonds and gemstones.

We offer direct purchase of diamonds from all over the world, including the diamond mines right here in Canada, but also including some of the biggest diamond cutting housing in Israel, Hong Kong, and Mumbai. We can get fabulous prices on diamonds by buying direct from these sources.

Roland is absolutely fanatical about accurately and correctly grading diamonds This is a currently a huge issue in the economic climate of both Canada and the USA, as many jewellers have compromised their standards and are very, shall we say, liberal, in their diamond grading assessments. 

Gem Jewellers works with clients mainly throughout BC and Alberta, but we communicate easily and efficiently, and can ship our products to virtually any location.  Check out some amazing testimonials from our great customers.